Captured US Soldiers

Already on 27 March 1945 an Infantry platoon of A Company, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion under the command of Lieutenant Sutton was captured in Gemünden during the fight for the Saale bridge also the crew of Lieutenant Keil's tank. The bulk of the men of Task Force Baum was captured after the last stand at the Reußenberg.



(Telegram courtesey by Maureen Linkovich)


Early April 1945 many families of soldiers from Task Force Baum received such telegrams from the War Department. The fate of the soldiers was unknown and so they were reported as missing in action. This telegram was received by the mother of Staff Sergeant Patrick Quinn. Her son was in A Company, 10th Armored Infantry Battalion. After Baum called "every man for himself" Staff Sergeant Patrick Quinn eluded capture and after several days made it back to the American lines.


We found the names of the soldiers from Task Force Baum in the database of the US National Archives. The database contains 179 names of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion and 66 names of the 37th Tank Battalion who were captured after the Raid.



Names of 10th Armored Infantry Battalion

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Names of the 37th Tank Battalion




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