Chain of Command

12th Army Group Lieutenant General Omar Bradley

General Patton informed General Bradley, that he wanted to send an expedition to Hammelburg. General Bradley gave permission under the condition, that General Patton wouldn't be involved personally.

Third US Army Lieutenant General George S. Patton jr.

On 24 March 1945 General Patton phoned General Eddy of XII Corps and ordered the Operation Hammelburg. He wanted General Eddy to send a whole Combat Command behind the lines.

XIIth  Corps Major General Manton S. Eddy

General Eddy didn't like this plan, because he thought it was to risky. He convinced General Patton that a small Task Force would be more successful. 

4th Armored Division Bridadier General William M. Hoge

General Hoge was new in command. He didn't like the operation at all, but his division was in the best position to launch the operation.




CCB 4th Armored Division
Lieutenant Colonel Creighton W. Abrams

Lieutenant Colonel Abrams was also new in command. He wanted to take his whole Combat Command, but he had to obey the order to send only a Task Force.

10th Armored Infantry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Harold Cohen

Lieutenant Colonel Abrams selected Lieutenant Colonel Cohen to command the Task Force but he had a bad case of hemorrhoids.

Third US Army

Major Alexander Stiller

Major Alexander Stiller was one of General Patton's aids. He joined the Task Force because he could identify Lieutenant Colonel Waters. However he was not in command for the Task Force.

10th Armored Infantry Battalion Captain Abraham J. Baum

Lieutenant Colonel Cohen suggested his S-3 Officer Captain Baum to command the Task Force to Hammelburg.

Photos: US National Archives and private sources

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