S-2 Intelligence

Enemy Situation

Combat Command B's evaluation of the enemy situation suggested, that the city of Aschaffenburg would be heavy defended by the Germans, because it was declared as a fortress. The Nilkheim Railroad bridge, south of Aschaffenburg, was captured by US Forces, so an attack could only start out of this bridgehead. There was no detailed information about the opposing enemy. In case of the very fast advance of the 4th Armored Division form the Rhine to the Main, there were no time for reconnaissance. It was planned to relieve the 4th US Armored Division 27 March 1945 by units of the Seventh US Army. The 4th US Armored Division had to push further into Central Germany. There was only little resistance of the Germans between the Rhine and the Main, the Americans had no reason to believe this situation would change. Their estimation was to fight only against Volkssturm and alerted units, because the 4th US Armored Division had pushed deep into 7th German Army area, which had still forces at the Rhine. There was no information about the enemy along the route of Task Force Baum to Hammelburg.

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