S-3 Operations

A Task Force is a special formed unit for a certain mission. It can consist of some companies but is under the battalion level. A Task Force generally comprises of tanks, infantry, reconnaissance and supporting units. The commanders are mostly battalion commanders or their assistants, or battalion staff officers.

The story of Task Force Baum begins late in the afternoon of 26 March 1945, when orders to organize a force were received at Combat Command B. The mission - strike northeast toward the town of Hammelburg and free more than 1.500 Americans from the German prisoner of war camp 2 miles south of the town.

Task Force Baum existed from 26 March 1945, 17:00 hrs  until 28 March 1945, 09:00 hrs. Two nights and one day. Forty hours behind the enemy lines without sleep and no support.

Task Force Baum was formed by units of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion as well as the 37th Tank Battalion. Captain Baum was the S-3 Officer of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion and selected as the leader, because his Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Harold Cohen had failed by illness.

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