Radio Communication

The main problem for Task Force Baum was the radio communication with the 4th Armored Division. The normal tactical voice radios had a insufficient range. To guaranty the radio communication, the M3A1 of the S-4 Section 10th Armored Infantry Battalion was attached to Task Force Baum. 

The vehicle was equipped with two Radios. Additionally Task Force Baum was partially accompanied by a L-5 liaison plane up to Gemünden, the Pilot could forward radio messages to the 4th Armored Division.


Direct Radio Communication


The direct radio communication was performed with a high power more-type SCR-506 radio set which which had a range of about 100 km.

Radio Communication via Liaison Plane


The radio transmission was performed with a SCR-508 radio set, which was used in every command vehicle. The radio message was sent to the aircraft. The Pilot transmitted the radio message to the Command Post of the 4th US Armored Division.


(Photo: Jerry Proc)

The M-209 was a portable, hand-operated, tape-printing mechanical device designed for encipherment and decipherment of tactical messages. Task Force Baum had one of this devices.


Radio messages of Task Force Baum

Date Time Location Message
27 March 1945 06:30 hrs Gemünden Tell Air of enemy troops marshalling yards at Gemünden.
27 March 1945 08:30 hrs Rieneck Four Mediums lost. Two officers and 18 men wounded or killed. Proceeding.
27 March 1945 11:00 hrs near Gräfendorf Situation report
27 March 1945 18:30 hrs Hammelburg Mission accomplished. Request air cover.
28 March 1945 09:00 hrs Reußenberg TF Baum surrounded. Under heavy fire. Request air support.

Destruction of German telephone communication

The German telephone line run aside the Reichsstraße 26 (highway 26) through the Spessart forest. To surprise the Germans, Captain Baum ordered the commander of the lead tank to knock down the telephone poles to destroy the communication. An infantry squad of the rear party had to cut the wire with cable cutters.

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