Artillery Support

The breakout from the Aschaffenburg Bridgehead was supported by the Artillery of the Combat Command B - 4th US Armored Division. A barrage with 10 volleys was fired 26 March 1945 on Schweinheim between 20:30 h to 21:00 h by 22nd, 66th Armored Field Artillery Battalion and the 191st Field Artillery Battalion (from XII Corps). 


Division Artillery




22nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion 66 66th Armored Field Artillery Battalion 191 191th Field Artillery Battalion


105 mm


105 mm

M1 How

155 mm

The Armored Field Artillery Battalions were equipped with the M7 105 mm HMC "PRIEST" 105 mm. The piece had a firing rate of 8 rounds per minute.

M7B1 105 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage with M10 Ammunition Trailer

A M7 105 mm HMC of the 22nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion, is crossing the Main river near Hanau via a treadway bridge on 27 March 45. 

The 191st Field Artillery Battalion was equipped with the M1 155 mm howitzer. The piece had a firing rate of 2 - 4 rounds per minute.


M5 Highspeed Tractor with M1 155 mm howitzer

M1 155 mm howitzer in firing position

Task Force Baum had no Artillery support from the 4th US Armored Division on its way to Hammelburg. The fire support was limited to the Assault Gun Platoon of 10th Armored Infantry Battalion, consisting of 3 M4A3 105 mm Assault Guns. This howitzers could fire armor piercing shells, high explosive shells, and smoke shells.

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