Comparison of ranks German Army - US Army

Pay Grade Deutsche Wehrmacht US Army
Generalsränge General Ranks
G5 Generalfeldmarschal General of the Army
G4 Generaloberst General
G3 General der Artillerie Lieutenant General ("Artillery")
G3 General der Infanterie Lieutenant General ("Infantry")
G3 General der Kavallerie Lieutenant General ("Cavalry")
G3 General der Panzertruppen Lieutenant General ("Armor")
G3 General der ... Lieutenant General (" ... ")
G2 Generalleutnant Major General
G1 Generalmajor Brigadier General
  Offiziersränge Officer Ranks
O7 ("Senior Colonel")
O6 Oberst Colonel
O5 Oberstleutnant Lieutenant Colonel
O4 Major Major
O3 Hauptmann Captain
O3 Rittmeister Captain ("Cavalry")
O2 Oberleutnant 1st Lieutenant
O1 Leutnant 2nd Lieutenant
  Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften Enlisted Ranks
E9 Stabsfeldwebel Command Sergeant Major
E8 Oberfeldwebel Sergeant Major
E7 Feldwebel First Sergeant
E6 Unterfeldwebel Staff Sergeant
E5 Unteroffizier Sergeant
E4 Obergefreiter Corporal
E3 Gefreiter Private First Class
E2 Obergrenadier Private ("Infantry")
E2 Oberkanonier Private ("Artillery", "Gunner")
E2 Ober ... Private 
E1 Grenadier Private ("Infantry")
E1 Kanonier Private ("Artillery", "Gunner")
E1 Pionier Private ("Engineer", "Pioneer")
E1 ... Private

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