The Screenplay

Peter Domes, Martin Heinlein and Jim Sudmeier have just finished writing a screenplay about the Hammelburg raid entitled "Patton's Secret Mission".  Based on our most up-to-date research, this German/American collaboration required more than two years of work.  The reaction of readers so far has been highly enthusiastic.  "Has the ring of authenticity", "suspenseful", "full of surprises, twists and turns", "couldn't put it down", and "perhaps the most realistic description of WWII combat yet" are some of the comments we are hearing.
It is especially gratifying that these readers include a number of the raid participants themselves, along with other WWII veterans.  We now begin in earnest the search for a producer to make it into a feature film, and we welcome any inquiries from interested parties.

During the 39th Worldfest Independent Film Festival in Houston (Texas), which took place from 21 April to 30 April 2006, the Screenplay Patton´s Secret Mission wins Platinum Remi.

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