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Many visitors of our homepage already asked themselves, where our whole investigations are to lead. We collected over 5 years material and interviewed eyewitnesses. At the end we shall publish a book - it's finished now in the German version:


The German version of our book (German title: Alarm! Die Panzerspitze kommt!) is finished and was officially published on 29 March 2008 in Gemünden at the historical Huttenschloss.

The book can be bought since 31 March 2008. As we are no booksellers, we can provide you with two sources for the German version:


"Alarm! die Panzerspitze kommt!" 

ISBN 978-3-932737-07-7


Druckerei Bürobedarf G. H. Hofmann

Inh. Jürgen Sommerer 

Bahnhofstraße. 27

97737 Gemünden

Telefon: (09351) 3237


or internet:

The English version is finished in a draft version and needs corrections and improvements. Here are a twelve page reading example. Click on the title or the book cover below to open a pdf-document.

Task Force Baum - Behind enemy lines


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