The diary of John P. Sandford

12 February - 19 February 1945

FEB. 12. to Swinemuende [Swinoujscie]

24 km

14.4 miles 208.2 total miles  

(Ostswine [Odra Warszow]):


Via Misdroy [Miedzyzdroje] - 17:00 told we would march on to the naval barracks - promised beds etc. - arrive naval station - sleep on floor with excelsior - have heat- go to draw ersatz tea - told men have to get it themselves - thick stew for Germans - destroyer at berth - two flak ships with record of and type planes shot down - naval O's with swords. Swedish ships. (This is a destroyer base)

FEB, 13. to Garz: 8 km 4.8 miles 213 total miles  

Soup issue - 1/2 loaf bread obtained from German kitchen crew for pack of cigs - light snow - a few very sick left behind - ferry ride - rain - billet near airstrip - many planes camouflaged in woods - stay at small farm - groups 50 - spuds and marge.

FEB, 14. to Stolpe: 8 km 4.8 miles 217.8 total miles  

Modern barn but crowded - view of Oder River - close guard - get spuds under pretense of fetching water - soup issue.

FEB, 15. - layover:

Raw day - cook around fires - soup issue - speculation rife as to RC boxes.

FEB, 16. to Murchin: 23 km 13.8 miles 232.6 total miles  

Rain - 100 sick left behind -they to go by R.R. next day. - told we are going 15 km - go 23 km to Stalag 1B - Cross bridge fitted with demolition bombs. Ground floor of barn next to door. G.I.'s start.

FEB, 17. to Jarmen: 27 km 16.2 miles  232.6 total miles  

Issue box knockbrot - 1/6 loaf bread. Via Guetzkow (Nazi Jugend having glider contests on hill slope - poorly blown bugle - banner - fanfare) Stay at estate of countess. No room in loft- stay in cow barn with staff- Col. Goode "Been on the road longer than Abie's Irish Rose". Countess has officer son POW in USA -assured he is fine - she persuades Oberst Schneider to let us lay over next day. Issue RC Box 10.

FEB, 18. - layover

Sick with G.I's. Good day - most bash all day by fires. Strength now 490 out of the 1391 who started.

FEB, 19. to Leppin: 11 km 6.6 miles 255.4 total miles  

Turn north 2 km from large town of Anklam - via Demmin (large city - colorful) where almost pick up RC boxes after column back-tracks. Arrive - Oberst speech "assured transportation soon. March is almost at an end. Two days at most. I've got RC boxes for you." Issued Canadian boxes. Ersatz coffee wagon at noon starts.

(Map by Ulrich Koch, Berlin - Germany)

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