Camp Hammelburg had been built 1895 as a training installation for the Royal Bavarian Army. It had been a POW camp during World War One. After 1935 it was a training camp and military training area for the German Army again. In World War Two the German Army used parts of camp Hammelburg again for two POW camps.

OFLAG XIII-B was a large POW camp for allied officers. It consisted of 2 compounds, one for Serbian and the other for American Officers. The camp was established inside Camp Hammelburg. The accommodation for the POWs was in solid stone buildings. The strength could be estimated with 3,000 Serbians and 1,500 Americans.

Total compound of OFLAG XIII-B



Details of OFLAG XIII-B, for explanation of the camp click with the mouse on the yellow dots.


Camp Hammelburg (Photo: Carl Wolfram)

STALAG XIII-C was a large POW camp for NCOs and enlisted men. It consisted of 3 compounds, one for British and Commonwealth soldiers, one for American soldiers and one for Soviet soldiers. The camp was established near the Camp Hammelburg, at the road leading to the Military Training area. The Accommodation for the POWs was in wooden barracks. The strength can be estimated with about 10,000 men, a large number of them worked in so called Working Commandos in nearby villages.

Command of Lager Hammelburg:

Commander Military Training Area Oberst Richard Hoppe
Commander OFLAG XIII-B Generalmajor Gunther von Goeckel
Executive Officer OFLAG XIII-B Oberst Giese
Block Commander OFLAG XIII-B American Compound Hauptmann Fuchs
Block Commander OFLAG XIII-B Serbian Compound Hauptmann Kempf
Commander STALAG XIII-C Oberst Westmann
Executive Officer STALAG XIII-C Oberstleutnant Behrens
Medical Officer STALAG XIII-C Stabsarzt Dr. Koch


Generalmajor Gunther von Goeckel (Photo: private)


Guarding of OFLAG XIII-B (Photo: Josef Kirchner).

The guarding of the camp was done by 

3. Kompanie, Landesschützenbataillon 828.


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