Seventh US Army takes over

The Seventh US Army crossed the Rhine River on 26 March 1945 and headed towards the Main River. The 3rd Battalion, 157 Infantry Regiment of the 45 US Infantry Division reached  Aschaffenburg about noon and began to take over the Bridgehead from the 26th US Infantry Division.

Nobody in this Battalion knew, that a day before, the 4th US Armored Division had sent a Task Force behind the enemy lines. Nobody knew that the 7. German Armee had already finished the troop deployment in this area. 

In the final weeks of the war, the German forces operated at effective strengths between 40 and 70 %. Their equipment was generally old and worn out. Many troops had been improperly reconstituted using ill-trained youths. Those forces that had a cadre of experienced veterans continued to fight skillfully, however, when the weather was good, their efforts foiled by Allied fighter-bombers circling overhead and diving down on any target that presented itself.

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