Wehrkreis IX

7. Armee

Wehrkreis XIII


Aschaffenburg was subordinated to Wehrkreis IX (defense district) Hesse-Thuringia. The route of Task Force Baum from Aschaffenburg to Hammelburg ran through the area of the Wehrkreis XIII (Nürnberg). Wehrkreis XIII was responsible for  territorial tasks and the training and replacement organization in Mainfranken. Also elements of  7. Armee were in the Spessart, while the bulk of  units were still at the Rhine river. Bad communication and unclear authorities led to confusions in German high headquarters. 

On this site is explained which German units (if known so far) were fighting against Task Force Baum. The enemy formations are allocated to the towns where fighting took place. 


Gemünden Hammelburg
Aschaffenburg Lohr

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