Aerial Reconnaissance


After Task Force Baum passed the command post of the 7. Armee with loud roaring, their commander General von Obstfelder ordered aerial reconnaissance. He wanted to know the strength and composition as well as the direction and destination of the Task Force.

Three liaison planes Type FI-156 FIESELER STORCH were deployed. They could make three times contact with Task Force Baum:

- North of Gemünden

- East of Burgsinn

- Northeast of Gräfendorf

The search between Burgsinn and Gräfendorf was difficult because it was a forest area.

The airplanes followed Task Force Baum in a distance and attempted to stay out of their MG range.

After the last contact, one of the airplanes alerted schwere Panzerjägerabteilung 251 near Hammelburg.

We are still researching, from which airfield the planes were deployed. At the end of war, this type of aircraft was mainly used in Panzerausklärungsschwärmen (Tank detecting wings).

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