Scheduled JU-87 Attack


Im March 1945 the Lehrstaffel (training wing) of Schlachtgeschwader 151 was relocated from Wertheim airfield to Oberscheckenbach auxiliary airfield, near Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The Lehrstaffel was equipped with JU-87G.

The JU-87G was a flying tank destroyer. It was equipped with a 37mm anti-tank gun under each wing. This type of aircraft was mainly used at the Eastern Front. The pilots attacked tanks from the rear.

On 28 March 1945 Lehrstaffel was ordered to fly a sortie against enemy ground troops near Hammelburg. However the mission was called off, because the enemy had already been scattered by German ground troops.

It is our opinion, that the losses of Task Force Baum, could have been much bigger, if this JU-87G had participated in the fight.

We would like to thank Mr. Helmut Veeh, a local historian, for providing this interesting story.


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