Anti-Tank Platoon - AA-Battery Ettleben

Leutnant Hans Bartmeier

When the news about the fighting at Hammelburg reached the AA Battery position at Ettleben near Schweinfurt, a platoon of 32 soldiers were formed and sent under the command of Leutnant Bartmeier with a truck into the Hammelburg area.

The unit reached Fuchstadt near Hammelburg 27 March 1945 about 21:00 hours and received orders from Hauptmann Köhl to destroy tanks with their Panzerfausts. They reached camp Hammelburg short time after the Task Force departed.

Henschel Einheits Diesel 6x6 2.5 to

A light US tank was burning - the four killed tankers in front of it. Due to the steady movement of Task Force Baum, the platoon could not approach the tanks close enough to fire their Panzerfausts. On 28 March 1945, the platoon drove back to Ettleben. The truck of the unit was out of fuel, so they used one captured Jeep (with a MG) of Task Force Baum to pull the truck back to Ettleben.

Unteroffizier Heinrich Große-Berkenbusch 

commanded a Panzerfaust-team

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