Officer Candidate School 17

After midnight 28 March 1945 reinforcements arrived steadily. Most of the units were from Offizier Nachwuchsschule 17. The reinforcements arrived platoon wise and were detached to the local commanders.

Through codeword "Leuthen" Offizier Nachwuchsschule 17 was sent from Nürnberg towards Aschaffenburg by railroad. The unit consisted about 300 soldiers, armed with MG, Panzerfausts and rifles. They also took their artillery pieces with them. Through the strafe of fighter-bombers near Würzburg, the locomotive of the troop train was destroyed and the unit had to march by foot towards Gemünden. When they reached Retzbach, they were redirected to Hammelburg and marched to OFLAG XIII-B. About midnight the reached the camp and were ordered (together with Landesschützenbataillon 828) to disarm the Yugoslavian prisoners. In the morning of 28 March 1945 a part of the unit intercepted the road between Hammelburg and the camp. Finally they where ordered to the Tauber-area.

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