Officer Candidate Course

Hauptmann Franz Gehrig

(Photo: private)


Due to the imminent battle for Berlin, the officer candidate course XIII of the School of infantry at Döberitz with 100 NCOs has moved to Grafenwöhr military training area. Alerted by Wehrkreiskommando XIII, the course under command of Hauptmann Franz Gehrig was ordered to move immediately to Gemünden. Hauptmann Gehrig followed the route of Task Force Baum with four busse, until he reached Weickersgrüben. Due to unclear enemy situation he went into positions in the villages of Höllrich and Hessdorf.


Wehrmachts-Omnibus MAN E 3000 with Woodgas carburator




He was ordered to block the roads, leading to the west. His troops were equipped with small arms and hand held anti tank weapons.




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