Fortress Engineer School (Engineer School 1)

Major Wolfram Diepenbeck

(Photo: private)


The Fortress Engineer Schoo, or also called Engineer Schoo 1, was evacuated on 20 March 1945 from Berlin-Karlshorst to Bonnland and resumed their training there. Bonnland was a village in the middle of the Military Training Area, which was evacuated in 1938. Now it was used as quaters for training troops. The Engineer school was organized in a Command Staff, the Training Headquarters and three courses with about 130 Trainees (one Officer Course with about 50 Captains and Lieutenants, a NCO-Course with about 50 NCOs, and a Sniper Training Course with about 80 Grenadiers. School Commander was Oberst Bässe.

Because of the alert, Bonnland was prepared for defence and Major Wolfram Diepenbeck, the the tactical teacher of the School, was assigned as Combat Commander. For the defence of the village, the Engineer School had only hand held weapons and Panzerfaust. Merely the Sniper course had some armored vehicles.

The Engineers were ordered to set up observer post to the north and to the south of Bonnland. Hauptmann Rose from on of the Courses was with a small observation party on the tower of the Reussenburg and watched the movement of Task Force Baum.



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