The Reussenburg Observer

(Photo: Andreas Kukuk)


On top of hill 427 are the ruins of the Reussenburg castle - see red circle. The Tower of the Reussenburg was still used by German Army as an observer tower. After alerted on 27 March 1945, Hauptmann Rose of Engineer School 1 was stationed the whole time on the Reusseburg and reported the situation. His observation party had a field telephone which was connected with the training area network.

Hauptmann Rose made the first visual contact with Task Force Baum, when they reached the high ground at Weickersgrüben - 6 km away from Hammelburg.

"14:20 hrs: 12 enemy tanks on the road Aschenroth towards Obereschenbach" - This was the report he gave to Oberst Hoppe.

After Task Force Baum left Camp Hammelburg towards Hessdorf and Höllrich, the Americans didn't know, that they were under continuous observation from the tower of Reussenburg castle.

"04:00 hrs: Noise of tanks south of the Reussenburg."

"05:30 hrs: 10 tanks and 20 other armored vehicles. Infantry securing the Reussenberg farm. Strength about 120 men." 

(Photo: Josef Kirchner)

At 08:00 hrs Hauptmann Eggemann was at Bonnland and phoned Hauptmann Rose to receive information about the enemy situation at the Reussenberg farm. With this information, Hauptmann Eggemann planned the final attack against Task Force Baum.

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