Chain of Command

He was Commander in Chief of the 7. Armee between 22 February 1945 and 25 March 1945. He was made responsible that the Americans crossed the Rhine-River at Oppenheim. He was therefore replaced.

He reached Heigenbrücken 26 March 1945 where the Command Post of the 7. Armee was billeted. He was awakened from sleep on 27 March 1945 about 04:00 h, when he received the report that an American armored column broke through the front line at Aschaffenburg and was heading eastwards through the Spessart - just 5 km away. He immediately organized counter measures.

He was Commander in Chief of Wehrkreis XIII and responsible for the training units and territorial missions in Mainfranken. After the alert he redirected elements of the "Leuthen"-troops toward the Hammelburg area.

He was Chief of Staff 7. Armee. He received a phone about the situation at Hammelburg about noon of 27 March 1945. He ordered an officer with a knights cross to resume command of all Forces at Hammelburg  to rout the US Task Force in this area.

He was the City Commander of Würzburg. Early morning on 27 March 1945 he was informed by the 7. Armee about an armored breakthrough to the east. He alerted the whole area.

was sent to Hammelburg by order of the 7. Armee to resume control of all forces at Hammelburg to scatter the enemy task force. He appeared in Camp Hammelburg the next morning, before the Task Force was counter attacked.

He was in charge for both POW camps. He didn´t resume command for the defence of Camp Hammelburg. He role in the surrendering of OFLAG XIII-B is doubtful.

(Photo: Hans Helmut Schnebel)

He was commander of the Hammelburg military training area. On 27 March 1945,  04:15 h, he was alerted. He was responsible for the defense of Camp Hammelburg.

(Photo: Christel Paul)


He resumed command of infantry and tank destroyers by order of the 7. Armee and  alleged the final attack at Hill 427 on 28 March 1945. Later on he accused other officers of being inactive.

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