Wreck Recovery

In August 2003 our long wainting was over. Hauptfeldwebel Heiko Haas and his soldiers recovered "Target 25" from the impact area of Hammelburg military training area. The wreck is a 105 mm Assault Gun on a Sherman-type chassis. Task Force Baum had 3 of this tanks. We believe that this wreck is one of Task Force Baum's destroyed tanks, which were pulled into the impact area as a target after the war.

It took the support of the deputy commander of the Infantry School at Hammelburg to recover the wreck. Together with "Target 25" there was also the wrecks of a M2 half-track and a SEXTON recovered. The wrecks are placed now at the former Reussenberg Farm, the place where Task Force Baum was scattered on 28 March 1945. The folowing photos show the recovery of the wrecks, they were taken by Hauptfeldwebel Heiko Haas, who commanded the recovery.

"Target 25" should get a brass plate in memory of the killed and wounded soldiers of both sides an the civilians - 5 weeks before the end of WWII.

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