M5A1 STUART Light Tank

The M5A1 light tank, introduced in 1943, was fitted with a larger turret and additional radio equipment. It was powered by twin Cadillac V-8s coupled to the Cadillac Hydromantic transmission. The M5 became the basis of several variants, generally substituting other weapons for the 37mm gun originally fitted in the M5 turret. A M5A1 couldn’t knock out another M5A1 at distances exceeding 700 m. They were totally useless against German tanks, although the M5A1 could wipe out trucks and halftracks.



Technical Specification:

Weight: 15 t Length:   4,52 m
Width: 2,44 m Height: 2,23 m
Engine: 250 HP Speed: 58 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 212 ltr Range: 96 km
Primary: 1 x  37 mm M6/L57 Secondary: 3 x MG .30 cal
Primary: 111 x 37 mm Secondary: 7.000 x .30 cal
Front hull protection: 51 mm Crew: 4
Radio SCR508/528/538
Series: 4.621 Year of Production: 1943 - 1945


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