The M4A3E8, the E8 stands for experimental version 8. The American soldiers in 1945 called it easy eight.

  • Easily conical turret with a strongly protruding tail
  • One-part commander's hatch with periscope wreath; 
  • Arming 76 mm L 55 main gun
  • Welded rolled steel hull with an reinforced 47 front slope  

Improvements inside: double mantled ammunition containers filled with a liquid to cool down penetrating shrapnel pieces. Undercarriage with Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension. This permitted to use a 58 cm width track which produce, despite the weight of 35 t, less ground pressure then the predecessor model. The greatest problem at all battle tanks of the Sherman, production series was the maneuverability. With a turning circle of 19 21 m the tank seemed to be clumsy on European roads of the 1940s. The fact is remarkable that all battle tanks of the Sherman- and Stuart-production series had elevation stabilized weapons.  


Technical Specification:

Weight: 35 t Length:   5,86 m
Width: 2,94 m Height: 2,96 m
Engine: 500 HP Speed: 48,3 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 636 ltr Range: 193 km
Primary: 1 x  76 mm M1A2 Secondary: 1 x MG .50 cal
Ammunition: 2 x MG .30 cal
Primary: 71 x 76 mm Secondary: 600 x .50.cal
6.250 x .30 cal
Front hull protection: 62 mm Crew: 5
Radio SCR508/528/538
Series: ? Year of Production: 1944 - 1945


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