M4A3 HVSS 105 mm

M4A3E8 SHERMAN 105 mm Assault Gun

The US Army used the M4A3E8 (HVSS) as an Assault Gun in Armored Infantry Battalions. It was equipped with a M4 105 mm L/25 howitzer on a M52-carriage in a light modified turret. The purpose of an Assault Gun was to give direct fire support to the infantry with high explosive - and smoke ammunition. Enemy tanks could be encountered with hollow charge ammunition only in emergency situations. The 105 mm Assault Gun was equipped with a M10 ammunition trailer for the spare ammunition.

The Assault Guns of the 

10th Armored Infantry Battalion

(Photo: LTC ret. Stan Lyons)

Technical Specification:

Weight: 33,6 t Length:   5,86 m
Width: 2,94 m Height: 2,50 m
Engine: 500 HP Speed: 40 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 636 ltr Range: 193 km
Primary: 1 x  105 mm M4/L25 Secondary: 1 x MG .50 cal
Ammunition: 1 x MG .30 cal
Primary: 66 x 105 mm Secondary: 600 x .50 cal
6.250 x .30 cal
Front hull protection: 64 - 108 mm Crew: 5
Radio SCR508/528/538
Series: 3.000 Year of Production: 1944 - 1945


(Photos: Jon Hornbostel)


Ammunition Trailer M10

(Photos: Jon Hornbostel - TM9-2300 US Army)

I would like to thank Jon Hornbostel for his friendly assistance.


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