M4A3 SHERMAN Medium Tank

The M4A3 was a Sherman of the middle production series of 1944

  • Cylindrical turret
  • Rear unloading
  • Two-part commander's hatch with a periscope
  • Arming 75 mm L 40 main gun  

The crew could not store their personnel equipment in the tank. It had to be carried outboard and was usually lost in battles or was damaged. The Hull was welded from rolled steel with vertical covers, the places, in which were important parts and the ammunition were reinforced. Chassis with Vertical Volute Spring Suspension (VVSS). This limited the track width to only 42 cm which reduced the cross country ability of the 33 t tank.  


Technical Specification:

Weight: 33 t Length:   6,27 m
Width: 2,67 m Height: 2,94 m
Engine: 450 HP Speed: 42 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 764 ltr Range: 161 km
Primary: 1 x  75 mm M3/L40 Secondary: 1 x MG .50 cal
Ammunition: 2 x MG .30 cal
Primary: 90 x 75 mm Secondary: 600 x .50.cal
6.250 x .30 cal
Front hull protection: 64 - 108 mm Crew: 5
Radio SCR508/528/538
Series: 3.071 Year of Production: Feb 1944 - Mar 1945


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