M4A1 SHERMAN Medium Tank

The M4A1 was a Sherman of early production series of 1943

  • Cylindrical turret
  • Rear unloading
  • two-part commander's hatch with a periscope
  • Without hatch for the loader
  • Driver and Co-Driver must drive with direct vision ports instead of periscopes
  • Arming 75 mm L 40 main gun  

The M4A1`s hull was build form one piece. The tank had a Continental R975 C1 engine, with 9 cylinders, it was air-cooled this engine was normally use by aircrafts. The four  cycle radial engine used 80 octane gasoline. Partly the fuel line got leaky by due to the heat and it ignited. The tank crews nickname the M4A1 "rolling lighter". The place of the Loader wasn't, very popular, because when the tank was hit, he didn't have any chance to get out on time.  


Technical Specification:

Weight: 30,3 t Length:   5,84 m
Width: 2,62 m Height: 2,74 m
Engine: 400 HP Speed: 42 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 662 ltr Range: 190 km
Primary: 1 x  75 mm M3/L40 Secondary: 1 x MG .50 cal
Ammunition: 2 x MG .30 cal
Primary: 90 x 75 mm Secondary: 300 x .50.cal
4.750 x .30 cal
Front hull protection: 64 - 108 mm Crew: 5
Radio SCR508/528/538
Series: 6.218 Year of Production: Feb 1942 - Dec 1943


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