Fuze 105 mm

(Photo: Heiko Haas)

Im July 2004 Heiko Haas (EOD-Expert) was asked by a friend to investigate World War 2 ammuniton which stuck in a roof beam of a house in Gauaschach. 


It was identified as a US-Artillery Fuze, which was used for 90 mm Shell and bigger.


After he confered with the owners of the house, they told him the a HE-Shell explodet on morning of 28. March 1945 on the roof and made a hole with 80 cm diameter. The hole in the roof was repaired and two damaged beams were reinforced. But the third beam with this fuze was never touched because of safety reasons.


The impact angle shows, that the shell was fired from northwest or west.


Date, impact angle, and the interview with the family let assume, that the shell was fired from one of the three M4A3 105 mm Assault Guns, which were attached to Task Force Baum. On Morning of the final engagement, all three guns were still servicible.


This facts assist our assumption


1.                  Date of impact (only impact on this day)

2.                  Impact angle and firing direction

3.                  Distance between Reussenberg and Gauaschach is ca. 7,000 m

4.                  Maximum range of the howitzer is ca. 11,000 m

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