About 1515 hours we reached the Reussenberg. On morning of 28 March 1945 the stage for the last act. Abe Baum could see the first time one of his destroyed Assault Guns, which had been recovered by Heiko Haas in 2003. Martin Heinlein described the last battle and I thanked all participants for riding with us two long days.

It was at the end when we all assembled for a group photo. After it Abe Baum gave an interview to the Bavarian TV. Then the convoy drove back to the main gate of the Infantry School. Here the people made their own way home. In summary we can say, it were two fantastic days for us all. Abe Baum and his family were most impressed about the Tour and the warmth and friendliness of the Frankish people.

(Photos: Erik Hoffman and Peter Domes)

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