About 1430 hours we had reached Hoellrich. We had heard rumors, that the people of Hoellrich had also planned to host us. But when we arrived, only a few men of the local fire brigade were there. Nobody had come to tell us exactly what was planned hear. Martin Heinlein gave his briefing about the engagement at the roadblock in the night to 28 March 1945. Meanwhile Abe Baum got a little bit tired and we did not want him to wait any longer here.

  So we decided to go back to the military training area. Everything alright we though - wrong! Later we ware informed that the people of Hoellrich had prepared a warm soup for us and that a lot of people came about 16:00 hrs. We are sorry for this, but we couldn't wait another hour. We try to make it better next time.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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