At the Hainbuche we met again GŁnter Weissenssel with his Halftracks. His crew, which was attached to Jeeps climbed back up on vheicle. Even at this spot in the Francish nature, a lot of people came with their cars to see the convoy. At the Hainbuch we were back on Abe Baums planned route. From here it was only a stone throw away from to Hammelburg

An elderly gentleman came to the Jeep, it was Guenter Hajock, whom we had invited to come. He came from a town near Cologne to meet Abe Baum. In 1945 he fought as a young soldiers at the suburbs of Aschaffenburg against Task Force Baum. Now he came to shake the hand of his former enemy. With the Halftrack back in the column, we proceeded towards Hammelburg, curious about what coming next.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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