In Weickersgrüben we were awaited by the Stürzenberger Family. We heared from Artur Hurrlein that they would like to meet us but had no idea what they had planned. On 27 March 1945 Abe Baum captured Karl Stürzenberger and forced him to show him the right way to the Reichsstraße 27. Karls Stürzenbergerger wife was about to get a baby. But this didn´t confince Abe Baum and so Karl Stürzenberger had to go.

Still today the Stürzenbeger family was so happy, that Abe Baum relieved Karl Stürzenberger on the Hainbuche at that time. They offered us some Franconian wine and a family photo with Abe Baum and his wife was arranged. This unexpected stop cost us 30 minutes, but we were still good according shedule. All Stürzenbergers waved good bye when we left Weickersgrüben.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann and Erik Hofmann)

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