From Burgsinn to Gräfendorf, we had to climb a road with 15 % gradient. Then 15 kilometers through the forrest and before Gräfendorf again 15 % gradient, but this time the other way round. This was the most critical part of our tour. Before we started this morning in Gemünden, we adviced Günter Weissenseel not to drive this part of the tour with his Halfrack. He awaited us later, near Weickersgrüben.

We parked at the shool of Gräfendorf. Mayor Adolf Lutz welcomed us at Gräfendorf. The local people were so interested, that they asked their catholic priest to postpone church service for one hour, so everybody could meet us. Mayor Lutz had also invited some eyewitnesses, who were willing to tell their experiences. After 30 minutes we continued to Weickersgrüben - it rained again.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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