On Sunday 23 October 2005 we started at 07:00 hrs, for some of our people it was quite early.  It was still dark when we arrived at Rieneck. On the parkplace in the middle of the town, stood a man with a white flag. Mayor Waldemar Horn came to "surrender" the town to Abe Baum. He was totally surprised by such an act of honor. Mayor Horn accompanied us to the town hall and explained to Abe Baum the history of Rieneck.

In the large town hall another surprise waited for us. The people of Rieneck had prepared breakfast for us. They had backed large backing dishes with three sorts of famous Frankish cake. Abe Baum was overwhelmed  by the friendlyness of the local people. After 45 minutes we had to leave Rieneck, because of our narrow time shedule on this Sunday.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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