Finally we arreived at Gemünden. The convoy parked in front of the Huttenschloß and the people of Gemünden surrounded the vehicles and the historical dressed soldiers. At 1700 hours the was a ceremony at the Scherenberg Hall. Abe Baum signed his name into the golden book of the town. Mayor Schiebel presented him a historical map of 1937 which could have led him then to Hammelburg.

At the evening we had dinner in the Huttenschloß and were guest of Gudrun Schneider an the Film-Photo-Sound Museum. At about 2200 hours the men were tired. The town of Gemünden had arranged sleeping facillities in the local sport hall and save parking for the vehicles in a grarage. We had finished day one, without any problems.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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