After 30 minutes of rain, we arrived at Langenprozelten. A lot of people awaited us here too. The local fire brigade controlled the traffic, that we could stop right in the middle of the village. Thomas Schiebel, the mayor of Gemünden, welcomed us in Langenprozelten and wanted to ride the last kilometers with us on the halftrack to Gemünden. 

I gave a briefing about the fighting wihich took place between Langenprozelten and Gemünden. Abe Baum had to give a lot fo autographs on newspapers and "Raid!"-Books. It was meanwhile about 1500 hours and everything had run according to our Time Shedule. But Abe Baum got a little bit exhausted. So we continued to our last stop for today - Gemünden.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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