Karl-Heinz Schroll accompanied us in a Jeep to Lohr. The column went throgh the town and parked near the Stadtschloß, which hosted the German town Commander in 1945. Due to the announcments in the local newspapers, a lot of people had come about noon to see the arrival of the historcal vehicles. Mayor Siegfried Selinger awaited us if front of the town hall. Also a lot of eyewittnesses came to see the convoy.

Mayor Selinger welcomed us at Lohr. In a short speech he reminded to the terrible times in 1945 and was pleased to welcome the Americans today as good friends. Abe Baum addressed a few words to the people of Lohr and then we went by foot through the ancient town. Mayor Selinger invited us all in the historical town hall for a lunch. After one hour we departed and it began to rain.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann and Pavel Bergmann)

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