At Lauchfach railroad station, we were awaited by Roland Seubert a local hobby historian and member of Task Force Baum Working. The parkplace was so crowed by visitors from Laufach, who came to see Abe Baum. Roland Seubert gave a briefing about what happend on early morning of 27 March 1945, when Task Force Baum came through Laufach. He told four curious stories, where American soldiers met German civilians.

Meanwhile the weather became a little bit better and it promised to be a nice drive from Laufach through the Spessart. Up to here the travel went accoring to the schedule. Only GŁnter Weissenseel was a little bit concerned, if his halftrack would makte it uphill into the Spessart. So he carefully checked the engine and the water.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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