At 09:30 hrs, I picked up Abe Baum and his family in the Hotel "Aschaffenburger Hof". A reporter of Bayern 1 Radio Station was already there an interviewed him. Abe Baum was surprised, seeing me the the original US uniform of a Lieutenant-Colonel of World War II. He had not the slightest idea about what was coming next. I told him, that we would go now to a big surprise. I told his family before, that he should bring his veterans garrison cap and warm clothing.

In front of the Hotel waited our driver Richard Schäffauer with his Jeep. He was then for two day our reliable driver to Hammelburg. Richard is member in the Community of interest for Historical Military Vehicles. As I picked up Abe Baum and his family, meanwhile Martin Heinlein organized the starting of our tour at the Nilkheim Railroad Bridge.

(Photos: Herbert Hausmann)

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