Hammelburg Raid 2005

(Photo: Herbert Hausmann)

The participants of the Hammelburg Raid 2005. Abarahm J. Baum (with a blue jacket) is in the middle of the photo. The photo was taken at the closing session on Hill 427, in front of the wreck of a 105 mm Assault Gun - 23 October 2005.



On 22 and 23 October 2005 we retracted the Hammelburg Raid with original vehicles and men in uniform. When Abraham J. Baum heared from our planing, he was enthuseastic and came with his family to join us. After four month of intensive planing and paperwork, we had all clearing, which are required to move a military convoy 120 km along public roads. Officials were suspicious about our project, because they were affraid we could damage something. The first part of the tour went from Aschaffenburg to Gemünden, the other day we continued to Hammelburg. All participants of our Raid and the population were enthused and most interested.


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