Camp Hammelburg

Sunday, 23 March 2003, 09:00 h.

I awaited "Happy Few Group" at the main gate of the Infanterieschule. Today I was supported by Hauptmann Johann Bschor and Hauptfeldwebel Haas from Hammelburg Training Area. Mr. Hanns-Helmut Schnebel and Hauptfeldwebel Kukuk (both members of Task Force Baum Working Group) joined us too. Also Artur Hurrlein (TFBWG) and Georg Schlereth came to participate. Even Roland Seubert took the long way from Laufach to join. The weather promised to be nice and warm. 

(Photo: Hauptfeldwebel Heiko Haas)

Our first stop was at a large former horse stable. This building contains weapons and tanks from the museum of the Infanterieschule. Now I could keep my promise for Abe Baum - to show him a HETZER tank destroyer. The museum had also a M3 half-track, Bob Zawada told us here about the job of a radio operator in an infantry outfit. Hauptmann Bschor explained other weapons to the veterans, who were very interested about this things.

(Photo: Hauptfeldwebel Heiko Haas)

Bob Zawada and Abe Baum asked me if I could show them the former Serbian hospital, where the both brought in after they were wounded. The building still exists, but is no longer a hospital, it is today a building were cadets have their quarters. I brought a map with me and I explained the veterans OFLAG XIII-B and the attack of Task Force Baum at afternoon of 27 March 1945.

(Photo: Hauptfeldwebel Heiko Haas)

Tony deSanto - who lives at Munich joined our tour on Saturday evening. He is an old friend of Abe Baum and Tony was a POW at OFLAG XIII-B and could make his way back to the American lines with three other Allied officers. I asked Tony to tell the veteran his experiences about Life behind the barbed wire as a guest of the Third Reich.

(Photo: Philipp Domes)

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