Saturday, 22 March 2003, 15:30 h.

We arrived at Hammelburg. Here we were awaited by the Mayor of Hammelburg and the Local History Club. He welcomed the veterans in the town of Hammelburg and thanked the people of the History club for preparing this meeting. About 40 people from Hammelburg were present and a little snack with local Franconian wine were offered.

(Photo: Dr. Jim Sudmeier)

Abe Baum was amazed about this welcome. Also in Hammelburg he was welcomed as an old friend - instead a former enemy. He had to sign a lot of books - it looked like a pop star came for visit. Also a lot of eyewitnesses came to talk to Abe Baum. Later I found out that the local newspaper Saale-Zeitung informed in the Saturday morning issue that Abe Baum would come this day at 15:00 h. So it was no wonder, that so many people came to see him.

(Photo: Albertine Englert)

In Hammelburg Martin Heinlein did the briefing. Martin was a long time at the Infantry School at Hammelburg and told about the engagement between the German tank destroyers and Task Force Baum. Local eyewitnesses confirmed the briefing with their experiences. Artur Hurrlein told the veterans about the position of the destroyed American tanks and Jeeps.

(Photo: Dr. Jim Sudmeier)

Georg Schlereth told us how the HETZER tank destroyers arrived at Hammelburg station by Rail-Road transport. At about 17:00 h we finished for the day. We set up for a group photo and then I told the veterans where they had to drive for their hotel. Martin and I where picked up by his wife and we drove to Obereschenbach, where I met my wife. For the evening we where invited for dinner. A long day had ended and we were satisfied. Another eventful day should follow.

(Photo: Saale-Zeitung)

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