Saturday, 22 March 2003, 14:00 h.

We arrived at Gemünden. Here we were awaited by Mr. Albrecht Englert and his wife. I described the situation along the Rail-Road from Lohr to Gemünden where some troop trains were destroyed. I could show the veterans a steam locomotive Type 44, this kind of engine was used in the 40s to pull freight trains.

(Photo: Dr. Jim Sudmeier)

Mr. Albrecht Englert is a hobby historian and did some research about the fighting at Gemünden on the morning of 27 March 1945. He went to school with Eugen Zöller, who was an engineer NCO involved in the blowing of the Saale-Bridge. At the end of war Mr. Englert was a radio operator with the 19. German Army and received accidentally all radio messages concerning German reports about Task Force Baum.

(Photo: Major-General Denton)

The young German engineers where poorly armed with hand weapons. But they had plenty of Panzerfausts. So they used them even against the American soldiers. It had an effect like a handgranade. Abe Baum was asked by Mrs. Kleibömer - who reported for the local newspaper - about his memories of Gemünden. He said: "I tried to get out of this hell!"

(Photo: Albrecht Englert)

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