Saturday, 22 March 2003, 10:00 h.

Just in a small distance to Laufach we were awaited by Roland Seubert who is a member of the History Club Laufach valley and of course member of the Task Force Baum Working group. He entered the travel bus and guided us in front of the Railroad station building. Roland briefed about the little episodes happened between the locals and the soldiers of Task Force Baum. One of the eyewitnesses was his mother, who could see the long column waiting on the B26. Soldiers were offered Bier, or the required food in some houses. He also states, that the first tank - a M5A1 - was destroyed here at Laufach. The tank commander was killed and also 5 German Luftwaffen soldiers. Roland showed us the places of the different incidents from the bus, while we were driving through Laufach.

(Photo: Peter Domes)

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