Saturday, 22 March 2003, 09:00 h

Our first stop was the sport field near the Nilkheim railroad bridge. When we arrived, a reporter and a photographer from the local Aschaffenburg newspaper "Main Echo" were already awaiting us. I begun with my briefing about the strategic situation in March 1945 and came to the River crossing of the Rhine on 22 March 1945.

(Photo: Dr. Jim Sudmeier)

The 4th US Armored Division pushed on towards the Main-River and reached Aschaffenburg by noon of 25 March 1945. After the main highway bridge was blown, CCB found the Nilkheim Rail-Road bridge intact and crossed it without serious losses. So General Patton had his little bridgehead to start one of the most adventures missions of WWII.

(Photo: Dr. Jim Sudmeier)

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