Gemünden 29. March 2008

On 29 March 2008 we finished our Book: "Alarm! Die Panzerspitze kommt!" (German title) and presented it in Gemünden at the Huttenschloß to the audience. We needed almost five years to finish the work. Now we hope to find interested readers.



As usual, we could inspire our friends from the military hobby, to offer a corresponding platform for our event. They came from Munich, Prague, Schwäbisch-Hall and Groß-Gerau with their over 60 years old military old timer vehicle.


Among the numerous visitors, who read the announcements from placard and in the newspapers, also special guest came, like Mr. Günter Hajok from Pulheim. He experienced the Hammelburg Raid as a young German soldier in Aschaffenburg.

We started with a dynamic vehicle presentation, where the vehicles drove on the park place in front of the Huttenschloß. During the warm up, this Harley Davidson got on strike, the driver had to present the motorcycle with this pushes of some of our "soldiers". The "old lady" didn't want to be displayed.

Martin Heinlein - as Master Sergeant - introduced the vehicles and their technical data by microphone. The sound of the 40s combined with the original outfit of the drivers inspired the visitors.

At 1300 hours the mayor of Gemünden - Mr. Thomas Schiebel - inaugurate the event and introduced our book. He welcomed Dr. James L. Sudmeier, who arrived from USA as special guest. He came to spend the day with us.


After the inauguration, the book could be bought directly. Martin Heinlein an me had to give many autographs on this day. It was exhausting, but we liked it.

Subsequent to the book presentation, we marched out with the vehicles. Our friends always like it, to drive in a little convoy. 

Photos: Jule Lamm

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