Gemünden 26 March 2005

On 26 March 2005 we opened about 0930 hours our exhibition about the end of war in Gemünden. We were kindly assisted by Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek who brought hand weapons for display. Richard Schäffauer and his colleges from the Community of interest for Historical Military Vehicles came with two original US-Jeeps, which were parked outside the Huttenschloß. The whole day was a performance of Dr. Jim Sudmeier´s US-Signal Corps movie about the attack of the 14th US-Armored Division on Gemünden and Hammelburg. We displayed documents and held two Powerpoint presentations about the Hammelburg Raid. More then 1,000 visitors came into the Huttenschloß this day.

The Jeeps from the Community of interest for Historical Military Vehicles gave the visitors a little impression about the end of war in Gemünden. Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek lent them some weapons, to let them look more realistic.

In one of the Jeeps was a little cassette recorder, which played music of Glenn Miller, and a soldier was on guard with a M1 rifle.

Fahrzeug- und Technikmuseum Sackenbach lent us a figure of a German soldier with a telephone distribution box.

We also received from Fahrzeug- und Technikmuseum Nantenbach the 500 lbs bomb, which was the last bomb found in Gemünden.

Martin Heinlein displayed his models in this show case.

Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek brought some of his weapons and equipment for display.

Photos: Herbert Hausmann, Peter Schneider

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