Bonnland Festivity 2005


The south entrance to the village Bonnland

The village Bonnland looked fine on 18 and 19 June 2005. It was hard to believe fore civilians, that the Bundeswehr (German Army) uses it as a training facility.

Jägerlehrbataillon (Infantry Training Battalion) 353 displayed a funny fashion show of military uniforms.

Parachute jumping was also performed.

German Special Forces clear a house.
One both days the village was more then overcrowded.

The main intersection in Bonnland at the Fischer Platz. In the background one of our Jeeps.

Bonnlandfest 2005 had the character of a big Volksfest.

Our vehicle behind Greifenstein Castle.

The vehicles were parked, like the intend to move out. The soldiers made the scenery look more realistic.

Martin Heinlein's comrades are instructed into the weapon technology of the 40s. Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek, was very proud to give the explanations.

[Photos: Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek, Gordon Cimoli]

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