Bonnland Festivity 2005

Moving out

On evening 18 June 2005 we made a little tour with all the vehicles we had there. We stet up a German/US-Convoy. Gudrun Schneider was dressed in US-uniform and put on the co-driver's seat in Günter Weissenseel's M3 Halftrack.

After driving a few minutes along the tank track, the vehicles and the personnel were all over covered with dust. It looked real realistic.

We had even a medical Jeep in the convoy. Those brave guys had to bare most of the dust.

The Panzergrenadiers in their German SdKfz 251/1 looked most realistic - except the Paratrooper on the left side.

Thorsten Blascke in his BMW motorcycle with side car, followed by the German SdKfz 251/1 Halftrack and the Volkswagen Kübelwagen.

All vehicles stopped for a photo shooting. Never stood German and US vehicles with crews so close and peaceful side by side.

[Photos: Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek, Thorsten Blaschke]

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