Bonnland Festivity 2005

Setup of the vehicles

The setup of the exhibition on 16 June 2005 was quite difficult. We received this M4A1 tank from the Museum für Militär- und Zeitgeschichte at Stammheim. The tank could not drive itself. The transport was organized by Construction Company Stolz. To unload and place the tank, the Infantry School detached us the Leopard Recovery Tank with Stabsunteroffizier Dirk Kunze and Stabsunteroffizier Tobias Fischer, who are two real recovery experts.

In the afternoon arrived Major (Reserve) Alexander Krutzek and his comrade Hauptgefreiter (Reserve) Markus Krug from Rüsselsheim. They brought a German SdKfz 251/1 Halftrack and a Volkswagen Kübelwagen. Both vehicles are fully serviceable. They parked their little convoy near the locals museum in the Infantry School and assisted us to get the Hetzer Tank Destroyer out of the building.

First we attempted to drive the Hetzer tank outside by his own engine. But after some useless attempted we took the winch of the Leopard Recovery Tank and pulled the Hetzer out of the building. To assemble a modern towing device to a World War two vehicle was another nightmare for us. But finally we managed it and put the Hetzer on a Tank trailer and moved it to Bonnland.

It was almost 16:00 hrs, when we had almost all our vehicles on the park place of the back side of Greifenstein Castle. Finally our 75 mm Anti-Tank Gun arrived, now we complete. The crew of the Leopard Recovery Tank began to move the vehicles into their positions for the display during our exhibition.

After the hard work was finished, Major Alexander Krutzek invited us all, to have a ride with his German Halftrack. It was a amazing impression for all of us, because nobody had rode in a World War II vehicle before.

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